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Rapt: Throw

Rapt: Throw

Rapt is a vision in color and texture and heavy weight because of the materials.  It's made with 1/2 woven wool saree and 1/2 silk brocade saree with a full wool shawl and mohair handspun yarn.   Ends are finished with Kilim Manos Del Uruguay silk and wool yarn and sides have ruffled edges of brocade saree silk created by the felting process.   

Measures 44 x 75" and is backed with hand dyed salmon colored merino wool.  

Cosset & Lock Silk and Wool Textiles are made using a unique process of felting to marry together the strength, beauty, and qualities of silk and wool natural fibers. Because I use repurposed sarees, and due to the handmade process, every blanket has unique characteristics and distinctive occurrences.  

To learn more about all of the wonderful characteristics of these products, and their care, please visit our About Page.  


100% pure silk, wool saree, wool shawl,Superfine Merino Prefelt, silk and wool yarn, handspun yarn


44 x has 76 inches

Care Information

Hand wash or gentle/wool cycle with wool safe cleaner. Line dry or lat flat.

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