Cosset & Lock Textiles provide warmth, luxury, and allure, honoring the home as our haven.

Kindred Throws

Sara created the Kindred Throw Set, cut from the same cloth, for... 

  • Unique

    Cosset & Lock textiles are created with care and thoughtfulness from beginning to end using techniques developed by Sara Renzulli. Each is handmade with artistic variation utilizing natural materials from around the world.

  • Inviting

    The combination of luxury fibers and felting techniques result in eye catching design, tactile comfort, and next-to-skin softness.

  • Durable

    Both wool and silk are durable, long lasting, sustainable materials that are also fire resistant and anti-microbial. Enjoy your blanket indoors and out.

  • After waiting in anticipation for the launch of Cosset & Lock, I was fortunate enough to get one of their blankets. It took a while to decide, because each one of them is unique and stunningly beautiful. Sincerely, when you see and feel these blankets you understand the meaning of “a work of art”, because that is exactly what they are.
    I can’t imagine the time and skill it took to create these. Not one detail was overlooked. A beautiful mixture of color, the varying textures, the felting, the intricate stitching, and the wonderful feeling of being wrapped in something so natural and warm. Everything! Perfection.
    I chose My Tribe, and I chose well. Every time I use it, I notice something new to love about it, and someday, long into the future, so will my great grandchildren, because something as special as this is destined to become a family heirloom. With such amazing craftsmanship, this company can look forward to many years of success. What a privilege to be a part of it. -Theresa