Thank you for coming to learn more about Cosset & Lock. Our journey has just begun but we already have a lot to share. Please explore this page to learn about who we are, what we make, why, and our manner of doing business.

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Who we are

Our Mission: Cosset & Lock Textiles provide warmth, luxury, and allure, honoring the home as our haven.

Cosset & Lock Silk and Wool Textiles are an international affair, marrying repurposed saree silk from India, superfine merino wool or merino/silk blends from Italy, Manos Del Uruguay yarns, luxury fibers from around the world, and handspun yarns and wool locks from USA. Each piece is handmade by fiber artist Sara Renzulli in Elkton, Maryland, USA. All fiber contributors are women powered sources or business owners.

The techniques and tools needed to create Cosset & Lock are an extension of Sarafina Fiber Art, Sara’s ecommerce business providing products and instruction for needle felting and other fiber art endeavors.

Artistic Process

Each unique design is created by Sara Renzulli in Elkton Maryland. Sara chooses harmonizing colors and patterns of wool, silk, and other natural fibers and locks them together making a new textile to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Their creation is a new and evolving art form allowing the natural fibers to work magic, changing shapes and colors throughout the process.

About the Materials

Wool and silk are miraculous fibers with natural beneficial properties. They are fire resistant; the fiber will singe before igniting because of a naturally occurring coating to the protein fibers. Wool and silk are antimicrobial, antibacterial, and stain resistant, therefore they do not need to be laundered often. Both wool and silk have high insulating properties making them incredibly warm and a light weight. Your textile will be durable thanks to the felting process of merging these two strong fibers. The only reason you will need to buy another is because you want one in every room.


We create our products and conduct business with environmental awareness. Wool, silk, and other animal fibers are natural, renewable resources with the ability to biodegrade. Our scraps from the process are put to use in other fiber art applications. We minimize packaging and use recycled materials which can be repurposed or recycled. Our tags are made with 100% recycled material.

Care of your Textile

Because of the properties of its natural materials, your textile will not need to be washed often. When it is time, you can wash on the gentle or hand-wash cycle with a wool safe cleaner like Woolite. Hang or lay flat to air dry. Do not put your textile in the dryer. A press or steam can open and soften your textile after washing.

Giving Back

Cosset & Lock donates 10% of profit to The Art of Living Foundation, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world with global impact, introduced to me by my saree vendors in India. The Art of Living Foundation mission: The foundation's mission is to create a happier, stress-free world by providing tools for personal transformation. The vision is to foster a global community that seeks positive change and well-being for all individuals.

I believe our mental health and inner peace radiates outward. Without it, we are not able to extend our love and strength to those around us. Culturally we value productivity above our stability and our peace is further threatened by the information onslaught of our times. Ancient wisdom will serve us well.

We also gift blankets to those in need through local community organizations.


If for any reason you are unhappy with your Cosset & Lock product, please contact and we will resolve the issue.



Cosset & Lock throws are handmade and no two are the same. If you see one that speaks to you, it’s a match! The surface has a pebbled, soft texture, and the addition of handspun yarn or locks lends tactile embellishments. The edges are irregular but finished by either the natural edge of the saree, hand stitched silk and wool Manos del Uruguay yarn, or added silk trim. Enjoy your blanket on a sensory level indoors and out; it will not just keep you warm and make a grand decorating statement, but also provide comfort with its pleasing tones and textures.

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Fiber Art Pelts

A Cosset & Lock Fiber Art Pelt is created by blending luxury fibers like mohair, silk, baby alpaca, and super fine merino wool to create varied colors of the animal world. The fibers are then hand laid to create an animal friendly pelt. The result is somewhat unpredictable like nature itself and your pelt will have variations and distinctive qualities. No two are the same. The pelts can adorn your couch, bed or wall. They are next to skin soft to be used as throw. Because they are created with individual fibers, your pelt will release some fibers. A shake or brush with a rubber mitt will remove any loose hairs.

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Kindred Throws

I created the Kindred Throw Set, cut from the same cloth, for your soulmate, best friend, twin, sister, partner, or anyone who shares two hearts, to enjoy near or far. The set includes two blankets made with the same sarees and super fine merino wool backing. Whether you are far apart or need more cozy on the same couch, Kindred Throws reflect my love for sharing, beauty, and natural fibers.

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